Introduction. Global Freezing Your Ass Off



We are in an Ice Age, we are in a very temporary interglacial period, the earth is locked in a many million years old period of global cooling and Carbon Dioxide doesn’t warm the atmosphere as claimed.  All this talk about Global Warming is total fiction, it is a form of cultural insanity, the last post El Nino data coming in shows a new plunge in global temperatures.  The Sun is powering down, we could easily be starting a mini Ice Age right now!


The real threat is Global Freezing, the earth is already thousands of years overdue for a new Ice Age.  Global Warming hysteria could very well have been probably the last warming before the plunge into a new Ice Age.  We are 10,000 years into the interglacial, the Holocene could be ending, and when it eventually ends, the global temps could drop like a rock.  All we need for confirmation is a new low in global temps below the Little Ice Age cyclical low.


The world is plunging into a new mini ice age while the fools in the District of Criminals try to sell us the Global Warming or as now as they call it – “climate change” and push their global carbon tax scheme.  There is no global warming, there has always been climate change and now we are sliding into a grand solar minimum where sunspots all but disappear and the sun goes relatively cold. Ice is on the way, this summer will be short, and another brutal winter will descend upon us early. Welcome to reality, the new age of ice is on the way.  Global Warming is a total and epic fail.

At no point in history has the world been this delusional, except maybe in the age of faith where women were burned as witches.  The IPCC has been caught cherry picking the data, the hockey stick temperature spike exposed as fraud, Al Gore exposed as a damn liar.  Global Warming is more than just a hoax and a crime, it is the collapse of scientific methodlogy as media and money grubbing whores say anything for their hidden master’s agenda.


In this essay I will present overwhelming evidence and graphics about what is really going on, those parroting the global warming meme do not understand the real science behind global temperature changes, temperature is not going up, ice cap area is not decreasing, CO2 is not causing warming, man made CO2 is not a factor.  We are at the end of the Holocene and the Sun has changed!

The CO2 Myth

The main premise of Anthropocentric Global Warming that atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) forces temperature is patently and easily shown to be false.   Why this myth persists is because the Jew owned media repeats the lie over and over, CO2 as a driver to warming is pure propaganda.  CO2 is just like the Holocaust, both are huge media generated hoaxes, they even demonize Global Warming skeptics of being like Holocaust deniers.


The earth has trillions of tons of CO2 dissolved in sea water and even more absorbed in rocks, the amount in the sky is miniscule and changes when the temperature of sea water changes.  Cold water dissolves more gas than warm water, so just as a can of soda pop on a hot summer day, that loses its fizz when opened, CO2 in seawater comes out of solution and increases the concentration of atmospheric CO2.  Temperature drives CO2 concentrations historically, CO2 is NOT causal, and during ancient earth epochs CO2 was usually around 3,000 ppm.


CO2 only responds to temperature changes.  Once you fully grasp that CO2 is trace gas and man made CO2 a tiny 1-3% of that, then you might wonder why all the hoopla about CO2.  Man made global warming gases are about a tenth of one percent, so small as to be negligible and unmeasurable.


Then we have the outright fraud of not including the primary warming gas of water vapor in television discussions on the Jewtube.  Water is 96% and not even mentioned.  Who lies like this?  Jews.  That is all they do is lie, lie, and lie.  The Jew and the lie are one in the same!  Everything on the tube is a Jew lie,.and global warming is just one of the many Jew lies being used to brainwash the public.


The big CO2 scare is about pushing the agenda of global governance and a carbon tax, it is not about real science, in fact real science has been pushed aside and made into a mockery.  The so-called New World Order, the drive for a one world government run and owned by Jews is a criminal scheme of Talmudic dominance, and their primary means of enslavement is by selling the Big Lie, telling whooping ass lies and then basing public policy on these media lies.

(Note:  click on graphics to see larger and more detailed version)


Recent examples are the Sandy Hook Hoax, the Boston Bombing Hoax, the 911 Trade Tower Hoax, the Holocaust Hoax, the Bay of Tonkin attack Hoax.  Jews are liars, they always lie.  They lie, lie, lie and even take a Kol Nidre Oath at the beginning of the year promising to lie to the goyim.  If you believe anything being promoted by the main stream media then you are a damn fool.  The networks are owned by Supremacist Jews promoting their criminal profit making agendas.  Lying is what they do, that is all they do.



Chapter 1. Global Warming for Kids



If you are a kid, a young person, you might be smarter than most adults if you live in police state Amerika – the land of batshit insane adults who say, promote, and believe anything – anything that makes money for the gangsters that run the criminal state.  Global Warming is not reality, it is state propaganda, it is end times madness of a human population unable to cope with ecological suicide.


About half of Amerikans are really dumb and believe anything the liars on the tube tell them, which is mostly grade A bullshit, it is misinformation meant to create some sort of perception that benefits the money masters that are misdirecting your attention during the Sixth Great Extinction.  In the case of Global Warming, a unproved theory which has no bearing on reality, the game is to blame you for a runaway warming, which is not happening.

All that is really happening is end times madness propelled by the out of control debt crisis, where Wall Street Banker criminals invent scam after scam as last desperate attempts to prop up the failed debit based banking model that has gone bankrupt.  Their model for banking is that everyone in the end goes bankrupt and the Climate Change scare is a scam to get much needed monies to prop up their dead horse banking model.  You must understand children, the adults in Amerika are insane greedy monsters.


The con game of Global Warming is exactly the same as religion, to make you feel guilty so that the overlords can control you with taxes and police state political policies.  If you don’t already know, you are a slave on a modern banking plantation of ever increasing debt, inflation, taxes, and control.  The government is a behemoth that keeps growing and has an ever increasing appetite for your money.  You were born into slave system and are being force fed bullshit to make the game work.

Global Warming is like the frantic players rearranging the chairs on the deck of Titanic in a desperate bid to keep their debt driven banking system from collapsing.  Failed selected politicians like Al Gore are given new tasks to promote the scam, not having one lick of science training this suit made billions at your expense with his dog and pony show scaring you with tales of runaway warming.  The parasites have no shame, jet setting around the globe spewing but loads of carbon dioxide in the upper troposphere like a herd of Holsteins with the shits.


Global Warmists got caught in their big lie because the data didn’t conform to the theory, CO2 went up but temperature didn’t;  they got caught faking data, colluding in defrauding the public.  The scam was in trouble so they changed the label to “Climate Change”, which is completely meaningless because it doesn’t specify which way the climate is changing to, because they don’t know.  They don’t care either, all they want to do is make more money and control you.  The only reality is profit.

Climate Change is the new bullshit label pasted over Global Warming because the first theory was completely wrong, Carbon Dioxide does not control earth temperature as claimed.  CO2 does not drive or force temperature, which was central to the theory of human caused warming.  So no matter what they say, no matter how much money they throw at the latest computer model, the theory is wrong so the predictions will be wrong.  But they keep trying ’cause that’s where the money is, billions and billions of mula to write mathematical models that do not and can not work.  But what the hey, in Amerika everyone can get rich playing the scam!


Be first to know how the scam is played out in human emotions, the alarmists are making powerful emotional based arguments to hook the public into accepting increased controls.  Just remember that this is a money game based on deceptions, and in order to defraud the public the criminally insane political class and their associated contractors must make believe some problem so that they can milk the public for all they are worth while they fight the mythical dragon they’ve created in your mind.

Notice we haven’t talked any science yet, notice that this essay is the first chapter in a Global Warming for Dummies book isn’t talking scientific proof.  That’s because what is going on has absolutely nothing to do with science, logic, reason, or proof.  What is going on is a a scam, a criminal enterprise run by ruthless psychopaths.  You have to be made aware of this that you child are being falsely programmed by evil batshit insane money grubbing adults.  Amerika is a land of bad people who believe in bad religion and do bad things.  If Amerikans aren’t bombing some villagers in Butfuckistan they are trading carbon credits on the deck of the Debtanic as it sinks into underworld.


I am not here to convert you to my point of view, most of you will never get it because you’ll keep believing the lies spoon fed to you in the government run school system, or will grow up accepting the lies as normality, or participate in the scam yourself.  Precious few of you will actually resist mind control, care about truth, overcome propaganda of church, corporations, and state and become warriors for truth and sanity.  Every truth in Amerika is an engineered lie of MK Ultra CIA run mind control program.

Know this with all of your heart, most humans are absolutely crazy batshit insane bipedal hominids on a fast train to hell.  Global Warming is a scam run by insane psychopaths who run the government for corporations who are really polluting the planet in the most horrible ways.  Global Warming is a feel good theory pasted over real environmental problem to get you to look the other way at the real polluters, the Jewish owned corporations who are running the Global Warming scam!


Global Warming is not real, what is real is being overlooked because the adults in Amerika are unable to deal with the Capitalistic hell reality they’ve created with fake money.  You are living inside of a scam, a fake reality created by fake money created by fake people who then create fake problems like Global Warming to combat the collapse of the fake system!  Global Warming is a scam inside of a large scam.

“Behind all the finger-pointing there lies a fundamental flaw in the Private Central Bank Debt-Based Currency model the American people have been enslaved to since 1913.

Since all cash in circulation is the proceeds from a loan from the bank at interest, the debt always grows faster than the amount of available money.

The instant that first paper note goes into circulation, more money is owed to the bankers than actually exists, and by design, the debt-subjugated population can never pay off the debt; can never be free of the bankers.”      — Michael Rivero

Amerika is a freezing cold hell realm full of assholes – bad brainwashed Abrahamic religious people all scamming each other for a final buck as their country reaches a logical dead end.  The system can’t work because it was designed by the evil ones who only had agendas of domination and control.  Evil Jewish bankers created an evil debit based banking system that only works for them and screws everyone else.  Climate Change was a scam created to prop up the previous scam of Global Warming which was itself created to prop up the banking scam.  Scams inside of scams.


The solution to the Global Warming problem is rope and ladders, we hang all the District of Criminal liars down Pennsylvania Avenue by the neck until they stop wiggling.  Trading carbon credits is looney tunes, the solution to Climate Change is to change the climate in D.C. by hanging all the Jewish financiers and their hacks.  The solution to all of our environmental problems starts with lots of rope.  No person elected to any office ever had any right to lie to the people.

We are in an Ice Age, and carbon doesn’t warm the atmosphere, Global Warming is for dummies, climate change theories are intentional distractions by criminal politicians who work for evil Jewish money men hellbent on world domination.  Global Warming can’t be fixed by taxes or carbon footprints because no such thing exists, man made climate change is myth, and it’s time for we the people to end these scams with ropes and ladders, only when our elected criminals dangle from the light poles will any real progress happen.


Chapter 2. The End of the Interglacial is Now!



We are at the end of the interglacial and temperatures are already heading lower.  All this Global Warming/Climate Change talk is for dummies, we are plunging into a new Ice Age.  It keeps getting colder and colder, it keeps snowing more and more because the theory is totally wrong, the trace gas Carbon Dioxide is so small of an effect it is negligible.  Anthropocentric CO2 is only 0.117%, so small that when rounded to the nearest integer human caused carbon is zero!


Not only are we at the end of the current interglacial which scientists call the Holocene, but the maximum temperatures achieved have been lower than the previous interglacial.  Far lower.  This means the big cooling since the end of the Triassic is still in force, the earth is still cooling. The earth is locked in a long cold glacial period and Carbon Dioxide doesn’t warm the atmosphere as claimed.

If we examine the Holocene temperature profile for the last 10,000 years we see clearly see lower temperature peaks after the optimum.  So not only is the overall interglacial temperature spike lower but also all the highs seen for the last 5,000 years are also lower than the previous.  The interglacial warming cycle is waning, and the lows are also lower than the previous.  What this means the next mini ice age should have record lows for all the Holocene.

Scientists can debate why the earth suddenly warms every 100,000 years, but we know what happens after the glaciers recede.  First the glaciers melt, the sea levels rise 300-400 meters, then the earth slides back into the cold.  That happens every time, and scientists have evidence that it has happened about 40 times since the ice age Pleistocene Epoch started 2.5 million years ago.  We are in an Ice Age, million of years in the making and nothing has changed, to think otherwise is folly.

Now if we examine the record of the last warming interglacial we see a similar pattern to present.  There was a sudden warming, temperatures spiked and made there highest peaks right away, then there was a slow cooling, with lower highs and lows and a sudden drop off back to an age of ice.  This is happening again, just like clockwork.  To hope that humans are going to stop this cycle is wishful thinking.



Foolish humans are doing massive geo-engineering Chem trail spraying right as we slide into the new Ice Age, spraying long lasting aerosols in the stratosphere where they don’t wash out easily.  Dumb, dumb, dumb and suicide to boot.  But that may be intentional, since the elite want a drastic reduction on world population.  In all probability we will see a massive world-wide genocide as all powerful nation states pursue global human cleansing policies under the cover of false flags and climate change myths.


After the big melt, after the early climatic optimum, the earth slowly cools and slides back into the glaciations.  This is happening now, Antarctic ice is now increasing again, winters are getting more severe, snow is getting deeper.  Temperature profiles measured from ice cores illustrates this decreasing temperature trend, each bump sees the temperature slide lower, the next trough will be colder than the Little Ice Age.

If the cycles are mapped out with a Fourier transform, a projection into the near future shows another slide to new lows.  As you can see in the next graphic, a projection of the combined cycles shows another downtrend, to new lows, to a lower low than the

Fullscreen capture 9112012 75116 PM

How do we know that the next solar cycle will be a dud?  Solar Cycle 25 is going to be small to non-existent because sunspot activity is diminishing.  A low sunspot cycle could be the trigger.  Some are even saying that the next cycle might be non-existent, like the Dalton Minimum or even the dreaded Maunder Minimum!


How can we be so sure about the failure of the next solar cycle (SC25)?  First it will be late in the making because of the failure of the “rush to the poles”. The sun gives us clues before the next solar cycle, a study of the sunspot migration reveals the formation of the next cycle, as the 11 year sunspot cycle matures, the spots move higher and higher in latitude until they rush to the poles and disappear.

Sunspots are where the sun’s magnetic field lines break the surface, when the sun goes into minimum the spots disappear.  The now infamous Altrock diagram, the plot of the movement of ionized iron atoms across the sun’s surface can be used to project the starting point of the next cycle.  The longer the cycle, the weaker the cycle and the next solar minimum has extended forecast of out to 2026!


As world temperatures fall, crops fail, and the human population could be greatly reduced.  This is exactly what the elites want, and they own the media companies telling you the lies of Global Warming/Climate Change.  What they want is a giant kill off, and what better way than is global freezing where they are insulated politically from the black ops chem trail program.


Nuclear Winter is another real possibility as we see the Jewish controlled west provoking regime change in the Middle East.  How can Russia allow their bread basket to fall to Jewish oligarchs at the onset of a new ice age?  They can’t and it is only time until Putin rolls the tanks into Jewish controlled Ukraine.  The war could go nuclear, Washington is up against the wall with exponential debt, they will do anything, they are desperate and nuclear war could be the trigger right at the start of reduced solar cycle.  A new Ice Age is the perfect depopulation bomb.




Chapter 3. The Great Carbon Dioxide Scam



Runaway Global Warming is a meme, now proving false.  Human caused warming is not reality as many people are finding out during a record cold period.  How did we get it so wrong?  Well let me tell you, humans get many great things wrong, and one great delusion of our time is that we control the weather. One of the reason for humanities problems stems from the human ability to believe anything, humans have this wonderful adaptation of imagination, and this trait is very exploitable by the powers that be.


It seems most of humanity is lost in one or more delusions, and some of us writers are starting to wonder out loud that the specie is a fail.  One of the great mistaken beliefs is the Global Warming, now Climate Change theory, the idea that runaway warming will occur from CO2 emissions.  These are not even theories since no proof is offered, they are suggestions to the mass mind, the push for world government taxes and get rich quick political scam by demonizing a life gas.  No causality between CO2 and temperature has ever been established.

The western media is owned and controlled by a criminal conspiracy which seek a Jewish World Order that raises taxes primarily by a carbon tax, thus Global Warming is a gigantic political hoax being pushed by the Jew owned media as part of a larger totalitarian control agenda.  Human activity is demonized because almost all human activity produces CO2.  Your breath is now the enemy of state, even breathing demonized by the evil ones.


A primary goal of the Jewish World Order is to weaken and destroy their primary enemy, the United States of America, a former industrial powerhouse.  Part of this secret agenda is to de-industrialize America. The global warming agenda might include shutting down coal fired plants that produce more than half of America’s electricity just before we plunge into a new Ice Age.  Such policies would be catastrophic to the heating needs and survivability of Americans.

Their long range goal to destroy America is just about complete.  Now for the coup de grace of Climate Change. Global Warming/Climate Change is a monumental hoax by Jew criminals to destroy us. Think about how the Zionist controlled media lies about 911, War of Terror, the economy, and the Federal Reserve.  We should not believe them but arrest them and prosecute the liars who use the public airways to scam the public.

co2 log

Global Warming Caused by CO2 is a Gigantic Hoax

Water vapor is 95% of the greenhouse gases, CO2 is 3.618% and man made CO2 is even more miniscule, only 0.117%. CO2 molecules in the atmosphere are so diffuse that is impossible for CO2 to cause global warming.  Anthropocentric CO2 can NOT cause warming because it is not even a factor in atmospheric heating.


Thus anthropocentric CO2 concentrations are negligible, human caused warming gas of CO2 is so close to zero that for calculations it is zero.  So no wonder Global Warming failed, increasing CO2 levels have almost no effect.  So the liars had to switch horses in the middle of their scam and change the title to Climate Change, a meaningless meme.


The primary assumptions of Global Warming are not even true, first the temperature has never been stable at some set level, earth temperatures have gone up and down for billions of years with no humans, and secondly CO2 causality has never been established.   Think!  A minor trace gas is not what makes the weather.

Memorize these charts: only 3.62% of the total global warming gases are CO2, and of that only 3.4% are man made. Thus man made CO2 is only 0.117% (the approximate numbers are 3.62/100 x 3.4/100).


It is impossible to accurately discuss the politics of global warming without framing Anthropocentric Global Warming (AGW) in context of the Jewish conspiracy to rule the world. In order to get you under the control of a worldwide Jewish regulated police state they are demonizing carbon emissions, one of the primary life gases.  You are being demonized, first they said we were Goyim, then expendable, taxable, and now they are saying we are threat to the planet.

All plants and animals either absorb or emit carbon, you exhale CO2, you become the enemy of the planet by the very act of breath. Global warming is a new anti-human death cult, its believers as radical as any religious extremist movement.  Supremacist Jews must be stopped, and the only cure for their parasitic addictions are direct lead injections behind their left ear.


As they push ahead with their scam, their runaway temperature models have failed, the earth refuses to obey their computer projections, temperature is flatlining.  Once the Ice Age gets its cold on, CO2 concentration will start to drop and Mauna Loa will get lower readings surprising all the experts who think CO2 can only go up like the stock market.  CO2 will go down because the ocean is a giant sink for CO2, the colder the water gets the more it will absorb CO2 back into solution.

CO2 always follows temperature, so as the world cools (and the David Archibald forecast is a 5 degree drop by 2020), CO2 will go down and ocean levels will go down.  Archibald has been proven right time and again just as Al Gore’s assertions proven false.  So maybe we should listen to the climate expert not being funded by the political class who are running a scam.




Chapter 4. Global Warming for Dummy Al Gore



I can still remember back in 2008, about a year before the IPCC leaked emails, the day I realized that I was being lied to about Global Warming.  Like anyone coming out of any spell, I had a self reflective moment of realization that it was my own lack of integrity that got me to believe in Al Gore’s lies.  Al Gore is a career politician, a pathological liar of state, a parasite feeding off the body politic.  He is one of the worst abusers of mankind, telling lies to enrich himself and causing the destruction of America.

great lakes ice coverage vs. temperature map

I wanted to believe, that was my mistake.  Wanting to believe is a very bad thing because your mind then starts disregarding incoming data that might persuade you to change your mind, this is true of any topic.  Global Warming was a mini-religion for me for about 2 years, from the time I swallowed Al Gore’s  ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ to my wake up call to action.  Global Warming is a gigantic hoax of the parasitic elite who have demonized a life gas in a push for world government.

Climate Gate started in November of 2009, and I was actively blogging and attacking the CO2 does warming meme.  So I know at least a year in advance of that time period I was actively involved in exposing the dehumanization of humanity by the Carbon Dioxide meme.  I was 100% conscious of the lie about a year before the bloggers busted wide open the IPCC scam.  Since then I have relentlessly stepped up my attack as the data fails to support the theory, increased CO2 levels are not causing runaway warming.


Global Warming should have died in 2009, but the globalist parasites are determined to keep the scam going, having invested billions in mentally conditioning the vast herds of sheep, the Jewish elite wants carbon taxes and global government.  Be sure to understand this is a Jewish conspiracy, the Jews own the money system, they control the mass media, so Global Warming/Climate Change is a Jewish scam being used to enrich and empower Jewish interests.

When the warming trend paused, they changed the name of his deceptive racket to “climate change”, an intentional deceptive meme, hedging their bets that the climate surely would change and thus he wouldn’t have the reality of actual weather countering their previous lies.  But even that meme has failed, temps have sliden sideways in the so-called pause, which is not pause but a transition to lower temperatures because the sun is the driver and is going into remission.

global warming-climate change meme fail

The real weather doesn’t conform to the artificial Talmudic reality offered by the Jewish supremacists working over the Goyim.  The sun controls the weather, not CO2, and no matter what the global warming parasites claim they can not control the sun.  Humans might be destroying the ecosystem, but they are not changing the heating and cooling of the sun’s energy input to planet earth with the exception of Chem Trail spraying which is obscuring the atmosphere and will only make global cooling worse.

With each severe winter, more and more people will doubt the claims of the Jewish controlled media.  Are you cold and miserable?  Are you freezing your ass off?  Do you also doubt the veracity of Al Gore’s claims?  Good!  Doubt on because I am going to show you how bad they are lying to you.  Have a drink on me and give a rebel yell.  Good whiskey and a bad attitude can counter cold weather and the bullshit on the Jewtube.


First off, Carbon Dioxide is a trace gas, man made CO2 is 1-3% of a that, so low to be insignificant.  Anthropocentric CO2 is about 0.117% of the global warming gas, so low that it is not measurable and doesn’t matter.  You should doubt any claim that CO2 is a driver to atmospheric conditions.  A minute trace gas is not changing the weather on planet earth.

The next chart perfectly illustrates just how bad you are being lied to, water vapor is almost all of the global warming gas yet is never mentioned!  Water vapor is 95% of all green house gases and they don’t even talk about because they want you to believe that CO2 is problem, because the game is for you to accept your guilt of exhaling carbon, thus you the human are guilty of destroying the planet with your breath.


The media is lying to you, the mainstream media is owned by God Damn Jew liars!  Do not think for one second that CO2 emissions warming the atmosphere, if you believe that your breath is a threat to the planet then you are being mind controlled by an evil force.  Your breathing is natural, it can not be bad. CO2 was chosen by the parasites because of its universality during the life, decay, and combustion processes.

First they demonized nudity with the Genesis Adam and Eve story, now they are demonizing your breath with their CO2 driven Global Warming story.  You must make the connection in your mind, the Climate Change lies are just like the Biblical lies.  First you were made the enemy of god and now your the enemy of the planet.  But in both cases, the reality it is the Jew making you the enemy so he can destroy you.  The myth is not scientific, it is just like a religious claim and for the same reason, to get control of your mind so that you can be controlled by the elite.


Furthermore, any increases in CO2 will not change the equation, the ‘heating effect” of CO2 is an inverse logarithmic chart.  Even if humans are able to double CO2 into the atmosphere, from 400 ppm to 800 ppm, the effect will be negligible.  Doubling or even Tripling Carbon in the atmosphere WILL DO NOTHING toward changing atmospheric temperature!  You have to grasp the new reality, soaring CO2 levels while the earth plunges into freezing conditions.

So the bogeyman claim of runaway warming by CO2 is patently false, but they won’t give it up because they are seeking the prize of Global Jewish Government.  They simply don’t give a damn about the accuracy of their claims, they are trying to scare you into submission just like they did with their holy book.  You must get a grip on the problem – which is them, and get a moral spine and demand their execution.  They are seeking genocide for the entire human specie.


The Global Warming lie is being used to shut down power plants and create and artificial energy shortage.  This will result in millions and millions of dead and starving humans just like all the other Jew lies.  This winter will kill off thousands of uncared homeless Goyim all across Amerika, Amerika is a first world Jewish managed nation that has a goal to kill all non Jews as fast as possible.  They are doing it right now and have every intention of increasing the kill rate.

The Jew is good at one thing.  Lying.  And he is good at another thing.  Killing.  He is good at creating political systems that lead to mass death, like the Jew run Bolshevik Communism or the Holocaust myth which was used to extort billions of dollars displace and kill millions of Palestinians.  Global Warming is just another myth of the Jew that will be used to kill millions.  Understand the scale of the killing, Amerika is a Jewish controlled military empire killing machine, having offed tens of millions of souls since the end of WW2.

proof of global warming meme

Likewise Global Warming is another huge Jew lie.  So when Goyim sellouts like Al Gore tell the lie of the Jew you should be outraged, you should get out a nice stiff rope to hang that bastard!  Based on the lies of assholes like AL Gore, fake President Obama is shutting down coal fired power plants right in front of a new Ice Age!  This is collective suicide, intentional genocide of the American people by their Jewish selected leaders.

When the Jew tells the Big Lie, watch out, millions are going to die.


Whenever you get lots of humans believing Jew lies, the result can be deadly.  Global Warming is the just the latest of Jew myths that will kill many.  With the CO2 warming myth, the Jew has gotten you to agree to the premise that:

CO2 causes warming


CO2 will lead to runaway warming


CO2 is bad


Your breath is bad


You are guilty and must pay the Jew to go breathing


Eventually you must agree with your own execution because the Jew will never be satisfied with any other payment


Once the Jew gets you to agree that you are guilty for existing, then you have agreed to your own death.  The Jew cares not if any of his lies are real or factually correct, the Jew only does what they parasite can do, that is feed on the body of the whole, doing nothing but creating chaos, mayhem, and death with his lies.





If you think any of my rhetoric is extreme this is because you have a sheeple mind, you don’t mind if other sheep are picked off by the Jew wolf, you are not fair in your assessment of the Jew because your mind is unable to grasp what the Jew is doing.  Global Warming isn’t even real, everyone north of 32 degrees is now freezing their asses off.  The problem is not with us, the real problem is with the Jew.  CO2 is a phantom being used to demonize the population and allowing the evil ones to rule with strict despotic authority.

global warming solution - kill the politicians

If you want to live then you better get your head out of your ass and start seeing what is really going on and start doing something about your own survival.  The Jew has no plan on keeping you alive, you are just another thing he is using to achieve god like status.  You have to grasp the magnitude of the situation, Jews rule through the use of the Big Lie, all they do is tell lies then screw you over until you are dead, Global Warming or Climate Change is just the latest lie being used to achieve god like status.

The Jew parasite sold us global warming to screw us out of our hard earned wages on his slave ranch of fiat money, when he got caught he changed the meme to ‘Climate Change’, another meaningless meme to confuse you.  So what are you going to do about it?  Well first have a whiskey drink on me to warm your frozen ass and heart and let out a whoop, yell, FUCK THE JEWS!  Then get out your guns and go hunting.


Chapter 5. The Pause in Warming is No Pause, it’s the Shift to Cold



The earth has been cooling for about 65 million years, and in the last 2.5 million years the earth entered and is locked an Ice Age.  We are in an Ice Age and CO2 emissions are of negligible effect on warming.  First CO2 doesn’t cause warming, nor will it cause runaway warming as claimed.  Secondly human contribution is close to 1%, so low as to have no real effect.  Human activity, while detrimental to the world ecosystems, will not stop the transition to the New Ice Age.


The pause in global warming is no pause, it is the transition to ice cold.  Don’t believe the desperate propagandists who are still claiming Global Warming as it snows in Hawaii in July.  What a laugh the theory is compared to the data coming in, snow now covers Mauna Kea for weeks on end and it evens snows in the middle of summer.  This is positive proof that the warming meme is complete and total bullshit.  They even said our children would not know snow and that the Arctic would be clear of ice by now.

CO2 is not causal, and sane scientists know this but are to timid to speak against the insane political class hell bent on pushing the Carbon Tax Agenda.  Politics is about power, getting power to rationalize the killing spree of the Jewish elite.  Global Warming is not about reality, it is a sales job to demonize humanity.  You exhale CO2 therefor you are bad and need to be killed because the Jew is god.

snow hawaii july 2015

The main stream media is provably insane, and they should be sued and put out of business for promoting Global Warming during the epic shift back to cold during the Ice Age.  Man is not going to stop Nature, man can not modify the sun cycles or the orbital cycles of earth and the planets, or whatever is the true cause of triggering the fall back into an Ice Age.

In the meantime as an intermittent blip in Holocene temperature variation falls into lower temps, it is snowing in Hawaii in July and in early December.  The MSM still pushes the agenda when you can see with your own eyes that cold is on us, right in the middle of the summer in the tropics.  There is a definitive reason for this.  There is a reason why the IPCC’s expensive computer models don’t predict worth a shit.

spock corrects the crazy IPCC computer models

The reason for the failure of the IPCC math is very simple, there initial assumption was wrong, CO2 follows temperature, it does not drive temperature.  There is another reason that escapes everyone, the corruption of science by Jewish money was caused all the way back to 1913 when the Jews took over the United States money supply.

The United States has been raped to death by the Jews, and now the people are desperate for money.  Everyone needs more and more money because with a debt system there is never enough money to go around.  This leads to reduction in personal character and integrity because someone aggressive will attempt to get enough money to survive and prosper even if it requires lying.

man made co2 is insignificant

Global warming is more religion than science.  There was a need to believe just to survive this era of Jewish predation. If you want the grant money, if you want to survive off the Jewish dole, you must lie for the Jew.  Science has been corrupted by the Jew and now for all to see is the end product of this evil and corrupt system of Mr. Jew – the defiling of all that is holy and good just to get money.

Since the Global Warming computer models refuse to obey the whore politicians, some scientists are investigating other possibilities.  Scientists have come up with a new model predicting that we are heading into a mini Ice Age based on twin solar cycle interference pattern.  This new scientific finding totally negates the politically driven Global Warming meme.  Variations in solar output and orbital cycles are driving earth weather, not the miniscule CO2 effect.

flatliong sun caused by destructive interference of two solar magnetic fields

Twin solar cycle interference pattern article:  Probing latitudinal variations of the solar magnetic field in cycles 21–23 by Parker’s Two-Layer Dynamo Model with meridional circulation.


This new theory might explain the rise and fall in solar cycles.  It has nothing to do with CO2 or air warming, it is an attempt to find out the reason why solar cycles vary, based on internal processes with the sun and the effect of the large planets on the magnetic field lines that emerge from the sun from the gravitational pull of Jupiter.

Global Warming was never a science, it was a pseudo-religion based on the need for money, the corruption of the political process by the tribe, the destruction of science by government grants, the attempt to erect world government on the wreckage of the Republic.  Global Warming is a disaster of humans unable to cope with dominance, religion, and reality itself.  Humans are a lost specie, it is to be seen how well they survive during the return of the Ice Age.


The pause is no pause, now that El Nino has abated, data will now come in shocking the crazy Global Warming experts at the IPCC who continuously fudge data to prove their theory.  Can you believe the current corruption with climate science with those political hacks who think they can fool Mother Nature by manipulating data?  What happens when reality catches up to their flawed pet theory?  CO2 doesn’t drive climate, maybe someone ought to tell them that.

We live in interesting times where everything has been corrupted by religious authority, it’s creature the state, the Jewish owned central banks, and the political process completely and fatally corrupted by the Jews and their fiat money.  Why is the IPCC still getting funding after being exposed?  Why?  I will tell you why.  Global Warming is a new Jewish religion being formulated to work the Goyim over.


With the Jesus religion, it was unprovable myth just like Global Warming, but with climate the observed data destroyed the myth in a decade.  Jesus couldn’t be disproved easily, so the myth carried on for thousands of years until finally it has been exposed as myth.  Global Warming, like Jesus, is deadly myth.  Million upon millions of fragile hominids were killed for Jesus in a vain attempt to save souls.

Likewise, with the Global Warming myth hundreds of coal fired plants are being shut down during an Ice Age.  The reason being a faulty belief system, Global Warming is based on the false assumption that CO2 drives climate.  Carbon Dioxide is a gas that goes in and our of solution, it’s atmospheric concentration drops as oceans cool and absorb more CO2 from increased solubility with lower temperature.




Chapter 6. The Great Cooling Since the Dinosaurs



The earth has been cooling for over 50 million years.  The earth entered an ice age period 2.5 million years ago.  The earth is stuck in an Ice Age and the current interglacial is nearly over.  The new plunge to cold is nearly with us and politicians are trying to sell you Global Warming, which is total nonsense and not supported by science.  A continuation of global freezing is what is next because we are stuck in an ice age cycle.


The threat is not warming, it is freezing, the earth is stuck in an age of ice, the planet has cooled from an ice free hot house full of huge furless reptiles to a freezing environment.  The dinosaurs existed in an polar ice free world, T-Rex wouldn’t last a day at today’s temperatures.  T-Rex died off before thermal max, no one knows for sure why. T-Rex went extinct during the K-T mass extinction, about 65 million years ago and the theory is an asteroid hit the Yucatan Pennisula causing a great extinction.

The earth has significantly changed and is not going to warm like the alarmists claim because they are wrong about the impact of CO2.  Even after the transition between the Cretaceous and Tertiary (K-T) period, the dinosaur mass extinction, it took tens of millions of years for earth to cool to the point of polar glaciers.  Over twenty million years went by after T-Rex before the earth got cold enough to have polar freezing.  You shouldn’t view any kind of long term warming with disdain, we are locked down in cold right now.


Glaciers started forming as the earth cooled, the poles only started freezing 33.6 million years ago. We have been in the Ice Ages only for 2.6 million years.  The idea that we are going back to a hot house earth any time soon is complete nonsense, such transitions take millions of years.  It took 62.4 million years to transistion from T-Rex to Ice Ages, and it will take at least ten million years to warm up again.  Global Warming as presented by the mass media is baseless insanity.

ice ages started 2.5 million years ago

All of human evolution occurred during the cold period, the flora and fauna has changed significantly during hominid evolution.  It is is a mystery why humans are hairless since they evolved during cold, one theory says we had an aquatic phase, lost our fur, gained fat cells and a hooded nose and we are made to be born in water, coming into this world with wax nose plugs and a white waxy coating.

Human evolution is a huge mystery because we are so like the marine mammals with high body fat and little fur.  What is to account for that since all monkeys and apes are covered in fur even though many live in very hot climates.  We shouldn’t be furless if we evolved during the Ice Ages.  Out of Asia theory may gain more respectability if the Aquatic Ape hypothesis is accepted.


Cavemen existed before the Ice Age, they began 3.7 million years ago and the Ice Age 2.6 million years ago.  All of recorded human history is contained within the last geologic age, the inter-glacial age called the Holocene.  The transition from caveman to modern civilized human occurred during Holocene era, when the earth warmed and agriculture started 11,000 years ago, during the Holocene optimum.

All of the great civilizations thrived during the warm period then collapsed when the cold returned, the collapse probably due to agricultural failures.  During the intermittent mini-ice ages humans are plagued with societal collapse and Black Death.  Warming should be viewed as a good thing, if you are living during a collapse of temperatures that is a very bad thing.


The intermittent warm periods short lived, sorta like the shortness of the the inter-glacials.  Cold is the normal for current earth and in all probability the return to cold is next since cold is a 90% probability during any cycle.  Most of the time the earth is cold because the Ice Age is the dominant temperature theme.  We would be all so lucky to experience a hot house earth.

The sharp reversals from hot to cold are probably due to changes in solar output, which are measured by sunspot propagation.  Right now the sun is going into solar minimum, low sunspot activity, which means we are in the transition from the modern warm period back to cold.  This is a bad omen for our waning civilization, which is past it’s peak having succumbed to inflation and political corruption, the global warming scam a signpost on the way to the collapse.